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 NaviGantt Methodology: Delivering the most collaborative and clear approach to SAP projects with our new Toolset for Free!
    • APPROACH: Detailed visibility, deliverables tied to requirements.
    • TRACK and PUSH: Culture results in low risk and no surprises.
    • TOOLS: Weekly planning tool to drive hours and budget impact from the team member to the entire program.
    • REPORTING: Built in reporting available instantly for everyone—project manager to the steering committee.

Our People: SAP Experience Matters

Our teams average 10 years in SAP experience.
Enable your SAP program with an experienced team. Experience makes the difference.

Project Navigation Tools

Our tools come along with our implementation team. Tools that are used by the entire team including client team members. Deliverables management, planning tool, solution to approval workflow and real time reporting.

NaviGantt Culture

Take charge of your project. NaviGantt brings a unique culture of deliverable based accountability. This culture builds trust and high performing teams. Take the mystery out of your SAP program no matter how complex.

Global Templates

System and process consolidation globally. Delivering common product catalog, standard costing and pricing models. Procurement consolidation yields efficiencies and savings.

Local & Regional Deployments

Wave or Release deployments to effectively take the template design to any country or company location. Our Rapid Deployment tool can reduce deployment costs by 20%.

Your Business Case Matters

Your Investment Should Increase Your Company Value—From Revenue Growth; Efficiency Gains, to Quicker Closings. Our project strategies include analysis of each business process that we integrate into our design. We continually create quick business models that prove out benefits or costs.